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Dodge Diesel 2005-2009 5.9 Cummins Heavy Duty HD Fass Fuel System 220GPH @50PSI

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Dodge Diesel 2005-2009 5.9 Cummins Heavy Duty HD Fass Fuel System 220GPH @50PSI
Dodge Diesel 2005-2009 5.9 Cummins Heavy Duty HD Fass Fuel System 220GPH @50PSI
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FASS Fuel Systems
High Performance Fuel Pump
Water and Air Separators

Contact us: 406-543-3900 & 406-728-3939 Ryan or Isaac USAFD

2005-2009 Dodge Cummins Diesel 4x4 5.9L
Alaska, Hawaii and International buyers please email for a shipping quote.

Product #T D07 220G

Stock to Moderate

Titanium Series (95 Series)

220 GPH - @50 ps

95 Size Filters (shorter size)

95 size filters are shorter and may need to be replaced more often. They are shorter for clearance and are less visible under the truck
150 size filters are longer and can go longer than the 95 size filters without being replaced. They will most likely be visible from under the truck.
Real World Conditions - In the real world, the fuel tanks are usually mounted at least two (2) feet below and ten (10) feet away from the fuel pump, This configuration creates multiple problems associated with the fuel delivery to the engine. First, the injection pump has to draw the fuel from the tank by creating a vacuum. When diesel fuel is drawn by a vacuum fuel vapor is produced. Second, while the vehicle is underway the fuel is sloshing around in the fuel tanks creating entrained air. This circumstance has created a situation far from the test cell conditions which results in air and vapor being mixed in with the fuel when it is delivered to the injector. By having entrained air and air vapor in the fuel the engine does not perform at the engine manufacturer's specification. Air and fuel vapor occupy the space that should have pure fuel, thus delaying the injection of fuel into the combustion chamber. This phenomenon is better known as "RETARDED TIMING." The air/vapor present in fuel is very inconsistent making it virtually impossible to adapt the varying degrees of changes in injection timing. The retarded injections cause a multitude of problems in the combustion chamber!

FASS Pre-Filter Notice
When the water separator of the FASS Fuel System or the strainer for the HPFP's is replaced, make sure to replace it with an element consisting of a 144 micron wire mesh material. We use a stainless steel wire mesh element to pre-filter, resulting with much less restriction than a paper element.

We are finding many technical calls relating to restriction issues cause by the use of improper materials on the suctions side.

Lifetime Warranty
FASS is pleased to share with you the same confidence that we have in our product. That is to say, when you buy a FASS or HPFP we are so sure that it is the best quality you can buy that we??re going to give you a LIFETIME WARRANTY (on selected part numbers). On your select model of FASS and HPFP, you can drive off with that feeling of security

(This kit doesn't utilize the factory fuel pump)

Fuel Supply is a must
With the optimal fuel supply achieved, the fuel injection system can perform the job for which it was designed, keywords, optimal performance. That is to deliver virtually pure fuel to the injectors at the proper pressure; the injectors can then deliver the proper amount of fuel at the proper time into the cylinder for a more complete combustion. Understand fuel injection systems were designed to inject a predetermined amount of fuel at a predetermined time.

Easy Installation

FASS systems are as much fun to install as to drive with on your truck. Installation time is about 1-2 hours. All hardware from the FASS system to the last washer is included in this kit. A Fuel line quick disconnect tool may be required for installation. This tool can be picked up at your local auto store for a few bucks.

95 vs 150 Series Filter/Titanium vs HD Filter
The 95 series filters are smaller and required more frequent filter changes however they are less expensive to replace. The 95 series filter is also not visible from the outside of the vehicle.

The 150 series filters are a larger filter but last longer between changes. These filters are a little bit more expensive to replace. Because the 150 series filters are a little longer they may be visible depending on vehicle ride heigth.

About the Air in Fuel

The Damaging Effects of Air in Fuel

As we've researched the problems of air/vapor on engines, we have found many books and troubleshooting manuals concerned with the same problem. We've also discovered that some of the world's most well known leading manufacturers have service topics concerned with air/vapor and fuel delivery. You'll see that fuel supply woes and air/vapor are discussed heavily in relation to many problems. We've discovered the following companies diagnosing many problems and relating air/vapor to be a major culprit:

  • Bosch
  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Detroit Diesel
  • ADS, Association of Diesel Specialist
  • Racor/Parker
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • More to come with research

Huge corporations and schools from around the world recognize air/vapor in fuel as a problem. We've listed only some of the symptoms air/vapor has on engines to help you better understand how serious the affects can be. You will be able to see these topics discussed throughout our documentation. Other factors can create these same symptoms however; we do know that air/vapor will cause these symptoms:

  • Low Horsepower
  • Low Fuel Mileage/Poor Fuel Mileage
  • Excessive Smoke
  • Injector Failure
  • Hard Start or Will Not Start
  • Engine Surges at Low Idle
  • Warm Engine Runs Rough or Misfires in Operating Range
  • Rough Idle
  • Engine Will Not Reach Rated Speed When Loaded

In 1990 Caterpillar released a Special Instruction, 651-1250, stating: "Normally No. 2 Diesel Fuel contains about 10% airs in solution, although the air is not visible." Caterpillar also states: "When the amount of dissolved air exceeds 10%, fuel rate and power output are reduced." In slight contradiction to that statement, through our studies and feed back from customers, we've come to one of two conclusions; first, less than 10% dissolved air in fuel still affects the engines performance adversely and/or two, there is always at least 10% dissolved air in fuel. It may be a little of both.

January 2006, Caterpillar released another publication, SENR9620-02, discussing the damage caused by air/vapor in fuel to the EUI injectors. Note: These types of injectors are also found in the Ford Powerstroke Engines. The following are quotes from this publication: "If fuel supply pressure is too low, or if fuel flow is restricted due to plugged fuel filters, a vacuum bubble implodes and causes internal damage to the injector. The implosion actually blasts small amounts of material away over time and results in CAVITATION EROTION. This erosion can damage high-pressure sealing surfaces, causing excessive high-pressure fuel leakage during injection and significant loss of performance. The injector mus

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