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Ford Diesel 92-97 Pyro Boost Trans EV2 LED Black Face/Red Pointer 3 Gauges Kit

Part Number 3121
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Ford Diesel 92-97 Pyro Boost Trans  EV2 LED Black Face/Red Pointer 3 Gauges Kit
Ford Diesel 92-97 Pyro Boost Trans EV2 LED Black Face/Red Pointer 3 Gauges Kit
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Isspro "EV2" Black Face/Red Pointer/Black Bezel W/Green Back Lighting Complete kit with all the wiring harnesses and sending units for a complete installation!
Application: Ford 1992-1997 All F-Series 250/350 7.3L PowerStroke and non PowerStroke Diesel Trucks
Included In Kit
*EGT (Pyro) Gauge: Part #R17021
*Transmission Temp Gauge: Part #R17599
*Boost Gauge: Part #R17333
*Pod Gauge Holder Without Speaker Apllication: Part #R7701
*Complete Gauge Kit Part #R60013

ISSPRO EV2 Gauge Kit Features

  • No Amplifier box
  • LED lighting
  • Flat lenses
  • Stepper motor driven
  • Electric gauges
  • EV2 gauges include the items necessary for typical installation

Enhanced Visibility? FAQ's

What is the difference between ISSPRO's new EV? and Peformax? gauges?
The Performax and EV? series share many attributes: stepper motor movements, LED backlighting, and solid-state sensors. The EV? individual gauges cost more than the Performax counterparts, since the gauge must contain the processing power, while the Performax processing power is mostly in the ESP controller. The Performax series uses an underhood controller (the ESP) which connects to all the sensors (so you don't have to run all those sensor wires through your firewall). There are 3 common wires which run to all of your gauges (up to 17 total), simplifying your wiring and allowing you to move gauges around to any location. The Performax system also includes the Total Recall? feature, which provides the ability to view the extreme values of all functions connected to the Performax system. For most functions, the stored value is the maximum value, but on fuel system pressures (Fuel, HPOP, and Rail Pressure), the lowest value while under load is recorded (requires the use of Performax boost gauge sensor). This allows you to focus on driving down the dragstrip or pulling track, keeping it in the groove instead of trying to see if your fuel pressure is dipping at the end.

The ISSPRO Performax PC Datalogger is an optional interface module and software package which allows your Windows-based PC to record all of the data being read from the sensors connected to the Performax ESP controller.

The module connects to the gauge wiring in place of one gauge (or you can wire in an additional gauge connector in a convenient spot for the module), then connects via the included cord to the USB port of your PC.

The software displays actual values for all sensors connected to the ESP while it is logging (there is a start/stop button on the screen). When logging, the software writes to a comma-separated-value (CSV) file to be opened up in Microsoft Excel (or a similar program). The data is logged for each channel at 5 samples per second. You can use your spreadsheet (e.g., MS Excel) features to analyze and graph the results.

The data is logged for all sensors connected to the Performax ESP, regardless of whether a corresponding gauge is installed. You can have all 17 channels connected to sensors for datalogging, even if you only have room for 3 gauges in your truck.

If you are not interested in the Total Recall or PC Datalogger features, then EV? is the likely choice when installing 3 or fewer gauges. For more gauges, the Performax system is more cost effective, especially when installation time is taken into account.

What is the difference between ISSPRO's EV Series and the new EV? gauges?
EV? is ISSPRO's new standalone stepper motor gauge series. The EV series is ISSPRO's economy line of air core gauges. There are a number of advantages to the EV? versus the EV series gauges. They are similar in appearance (available in the same general styles), but EV series uses curved lenses.

The EV series uses a separate "amplifier box" near the gauge head, so you need to find a mounting spot for it. The amplifier box for a pyrometer measures about 2.3" x 2.3" x 1.6", and for a temperature gauge it measures about 2.75" x 2.4" x 0.88". The EV series is an air core gauge movement, basically a set of electric windings, with electronics in the amplifier box to drive them. They also use conventional incandescent bulbs for lighting, although we offer LED replacement bulbs in a variety of colors so you are able to change the backlighting colors. The EV series does include mechanical boost and other pressure gauges. These are typically lower cost than electronic gauges, but require running tubing into the cab. In the case of a fuel pressure gauge, it requires the use of an isolator to keep fuel out of the cab.

The EV? Series is completely "standalone", no amplifier box needed. They utilize stepper motor movements for precision, and LED backlighting for brightness and durability. Both of these technologies allow the gauge to operate at a very low current draw (less than 0.1 Amp with lights at full brightness). Also, the backlighting is powered by the main ignition input, without drawing any measurable current from the dimmer circuit of the vehicle, so there is no worry about overloading the factory dimmer.

For More information and best service call us at #406-543-3900 USAFD
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